August 2016

Vibes from Baleares


Inspiration reached Baleares from Sardinia and is enjoying pleasant cruising after a pretty wet passage.

Enjoy a little preview of our sailing so far in this video.



Sunset Boat

First Week Update – Inspiration World Sailing Tour


Inspiration is now on day 6 of her trip. While this is still very early days, the crew is pleased to report a short update. Our crew of 7 is now getting used to the boat and know each others better.

We also learned how to use onboard technology more efficiently and found a way to export our (inspired) track:

Voir en plein écran

Inspiration attends Music Festival Porto Latino 2016


Inspiration and its crew attended the opening night of Porto Latino music festival 2016 in Saint Florent, Corsica.   Great evening.  The crew unanimously voted the band “Mydy Rabycad” as the very best performace of the night.  Why don’t you discover their music as well.



Inspiration arrives in Calvi


After a great 90 nautical miles navigation from Menton, France, Inspiration landed in Calvi, Corsica.  Nice SW winds allowed Inspiration to reach Calvi in one single tack in about 15 hours.  Night navigation was busy though given heavy traffic and constant need for lookout.   Beautiful sky and highly visible stars in a dark new moon night.

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