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With the Centurion 48S, the naval architect Ed Dubois has designed a superb racer cruiser to seduce lovers of authentic high performance and comfortable yachts.

The key features are impressive speed under any wind angle, stability of direction, precision steering with total and permanent control in a functional steering area where most maneuvers can be controlled at a flick of the finger, perfect seaworthiness under any weather, exceptional stiffness, low pitching, and overall comfort below deck (three double cabins, each with private bathroom; light and airy saloon).

Moreover, the Centurion 48S is built on the basis of the most innovative technology in series produced boats (vacuum formed Airex sandwich and structural integration of all major components). She combines an outstanding quality of construction with uncompromising selection of the best equipment.

LOA (meters)
Beam (meters)
Maximum Draft (m)
Ballast (kg)

Ed Dubois & Andrew Winch

Flag of Registry

Hull Shape

1100 Horse Power Yanmar

Made in France

17 tones

Fresh Water Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Electrical Circuit

Crew of the month

Mark Elison

Mark Elison

Delivery Crew / Boat Maintenance

To secure a position with a progressive and innovative where my skills and knowledge can


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Relevant history


Jean-François du Cheyron, chevalier du Pavillon (29 September 1758 – 12 April 1782) was a French naval tactician and Capitaine du vaisseau, hero of the American Revolutionary War. He is considered one of the principal creators of naval communications before the era of radio. Commanding the ship Triomphant he was killed at the Battle of the Saintes after being hit by a cannonball.


The Battle of the Saintes (known to the French as the Bataille de la Dominique), or Battle of Dominica was an important naval battle that took place over 4 days, 9 April 1782 – 12 April 1782, during the American War of Independence, and was a victory of a British fleet under Admiral Sir George Rodney over a French fleet under the Comte de Grasse forcing the French and Spanish to abandon a planned invasion of Jamaica. The battle is named after the Saintes (or Saints), a group of islands between Guadeloupe and Dominica in the West Indies. The French fleet defeated here by the Royal Navy was the same French fleet that had blockaded the British Army during the Siege of Yorktown. The French suffered heavy casualties and many were taken prisoner including the Comte de Grasse. Four French ships of the line were captured (including the flagship) as well as one destroyed. Rodney was credited with pioneering the tactic of “breaking the line” in the battle, though this is disputed.


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Crew testimony

Best Sailing Ever
I think that this trip was the best of my life. It opened my eyes on climate issues too by talking to the shipper. Keep up the good work.
John Doe,
Awesome Experience
Great boat and great shipper! Very good experience. I have been very satisfied. Thank you very much and congratulations! Great website from AD STUDIO!
John Doe,
My First Sailing Trip
I just wanted to tell you how hugely grateful I am to you for making this first trip with me! It is exactly what I was looking for !!!
John Doe,
Kudos from a capitain
This might be the best trip I have ever made with in all of my years of sailing. It was SO enjoyable to share this experience and unique trip !
John Doe,