SY Inspiration sailed about 4,000 nautical miles from the Azores to reach the Caribbeans via Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde.

It felt almost like winter when we left the Azores on October 15th and has to deal with a low pressure system giving us strong winds and disorganized sea state.  Sailing conditions improved as we approached Madeira.  This then was summer again…but not counting on squally weather building just as we were about to leave for a “short”sail to Las Palmas.   Pretty unpleasant passage with heavy rain and wind gusts up to 40 knots.   Oh well, at least we had a few things to repair in Las Palmas…

Preparing the ARC+ 2016 was intense as we had only a week to sort everything out.  But we did it and left Las Palmas on November 12 to sail down to Mindelo, Cape Verde.  1,000 nautical miles down the coast of Mauritania with strong trade winds pushing us.   Great sailing conditions and fast passage !


Short stop in Mindelo gave us the opportunity to visit the island and get the boat ready to cross the Atlantic to Saint Lucia. 2,100 nautical miles in very inconsistent trade winds.  This was slow, but at least we could enjoy great sunsets !


Forgot to mention fishing.  Good news is that there are (still) quite a few fishes in the middle of the ocean and they can definitely feed a crew.


That is it: we are now in the Caribbeans and a new chapter of our sailing adventures can begin !